Map of Area 5 (West)

Parks and Trails in Area 5 (West)

Parks and Trails in Area 5 (West)

Please note: In the map above, #31 is no longer a neighborhood park and #32 has been  renumbered to 31. The map will be updated soon.


27 – ARROYO GRANDE / Carpenter

28 – THE CANYONS / Kenai


30 – DESERT TERRACE / Ravina

31 – THE RIDGE / Kastler




NEW RIVER RUN – this unpaved natural trail runs from Heyerdahl Ct along the New River west of 46th Dr and Challenger Tr and 46th Ave and Judson Dr. It ends on 45th Ave near DESERT HIGHLANDS / Old West Park. Along the way there are connections to Challenger Tr, 46th Ave, and  Judson Dr.

OTHER TRAILS – several short concrete trails run between streets in some neighborhoods or connect streets to the New River Run Trail.


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