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Corner of Gavilan Peak Pkwy and Navigation Way

Corner of Gavilan Peak Pkwy and Navigation Way

This AnthemParks.Info web site presents information about the many parks and trails in Anthem AZ.   It is a publication of neither Anthem Community Council nor Anthem Parkside Community Association, and they are not responsible for its content.

Parks and trails are grouped by location into five major areas of Anthem:  1 (Central), 2 (East), 3 (North), 4 (South), and 5 (West). In presenting park descriptions, Area 1 (Central) is subdivided into Area 1a (West Central) and Area 1b (East Central) – this is done to make it easier for users by reducing the geographic area of, and the number of parks described in, each area. See Parks and Trails for maps and a better description of the five area locations.

Anthem parks and trails are operated and maintained by two different organizations:

1) Anthem Community Council (ACC) operates three parks – the main Anthem Community Park (at Gavilan Peak Pkwy and Anthem Way),  Liberty Bell Community Park and Splash Pad (at Liberty Bell Way and Anthem Way), and  Opportunity Way Park (west of I-17 on the west end of Opportunity Way and also accessible at Cottontail Rd and 46th Ln). ACC also operates and maintains all  concrete and gravel trails in Anthem.

2) The Anthem Parkside Community Association operates 31 neighborhood parks throughout Parkside, which includes neighborhoods both east and west of I-17. Each park is referred to by a sequential number (1-31) and the unit (neighborhood) name and the street name in the format  (## – UNIT / Street).  The number (##) corresponds to park numbers shown on the area maps in this web site. The street name is that of the actual street address of the park. For example,  the park (9 – JUBILATION / Territory), which is in Area 1b (East Central), is #9 on the Central Area Map, within the JUBILATION unit, and is an address on Territory Trail.  Exceptions to the street name scheme are in Area 5 (West) where all five park addresses happen to be numbered streets, e.g. 50th Dr. For these parks a nearby non-numbered street name is used.

HINT: Use the SEARCH window located on the upper right of every page to find a particular name (neighborhood or street or trail) OR to find which parks have particular features, such as tables, play equipment, swings, grass, etc.

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