Park Rules

Neighborhood Park Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of all park visitors and nearby residents, Anthem Parkside asks visitors to conform with a few necessary rules, some of which are posted on information signs in the parks. Listed first below are the posted rules followed by those not yet posted.  Please do your best to remember and be guided by these rules.

Currently posted rules:

1. Park Hours: Dawn to Dusk.
Even though many parks have ramada lights, those lights are not sufficient for many of the daytime activities for which the parks were built and equipped. Anthem Parkside does not represent that its parks are safe to use after dusk.

2. Park is not supervised. Play at your own risk.

3. Please place all refuse in trash receptacles.
Also, if you see trash or litter left by a previous visitor, and if it is not inconvenient or repulsive to do so, please put it in the trash. You and the next visitors will then enjoy the park that much more. Thanks.

4. No Glass, No Alcohol, No Weapons Allowed.
Glass can break into dangerous and hard-to-pick-up pieces, alcohol does impair, and weapons of any kind are disturbing and can injure.

5. No motorized vehicles on grounds or pathways.
Vehicles with motors or engines tend to be heavy and destructive when operated poorly, and they do not mix well with children and pedestrians in parks and on trails.

6. Dogs must be leashed and dog waste disposed of in receptacles.
When dogs are not confined on private property, they MUST be on a leash and under direct control, as required by Arizona law, Maricopa Co. ordinance, Phoenix ordinance,  Anthem CC&R’s,  common courtesy, and common sense. Even people who like dogs and are otherwise comfortable with them may feel uncomfortable or threatened when approached by an unfamiliar and unrestrained dog. There is also a risk, for with any dog there is a real possibility of an unexpected situation becoming an uncontrolled mishap. Finally, non-compliance with leash laws can be expensive: if observed by a law enforcement officer, it will likely result in a significant penalty.

For the convenience of dog owners, most parks have doggie stations with plastic bags for picking up poop. Please use them as needed; but we would ask owners to take a couple of grocery or produce bags when leaving home for use on the way to the park and to reduce the consumption of doggie station bags. Thanks.

Rules not yet posted:

7. No loud noise, including loud music.

8. Roller blade, skateboard, scooter, bicycle:
Go slowly and only on concrete pathways.

9. No overnight camping.

10. Fires in barbecue grills only.

11. No cleated shoes in grass. No hitting golf balls.

12. No smoking.

13. Please try to be a really good neighbor. And enjoy your visit!