Park Improvements

Neighborhood Park Improvements

The Neighborhood Parks Committee (NPC) tries to be mindful of possibilities for enhancing the enjoyment of park visitors and for providing appropriate activities within each neighborhood or among adjoining neighborhoods. Suggestions from residents are important in identifying such possibilities. Ideas for improvement are evaluated using a set of pertinent questions, and those ideas having sufficient merit are recommended to the Parkside Board for implementation.

Resident Suggestions

The NPC welcomes ideas from residents. Suggestions can be emailed to the Parkside Community Manager at Please identify the park you refer to by including the park name (## РUNIT/Street), as shown in this web site.

Evaluation of Suggestions

Some criteria used by the NPC to evaluate ideas for park improvements are listed below:

1) Is it safe?

2) Is there a similar apparatus/feature at another park nearby?

3) Is there space available in the park (or land in the neighborhood)?

4) Does it conform to established laws / governances / guidelines?

5) Does it follow the general aesthetic of the existing park layout?

6) Can we expect it to be of significant benefit to nearby neighborhood residents?

7) Can we expect it to be of significant benefit to the community in general?

8) If it constitutes an attraction for the entire community, might it adversely effect the neighborhood residents due to increased traffic, noise, etc?

9) Would it require significantly increased maintenance?

10) Is it feasible and wise financially?

11) Can the essential aspects of this suggestion be satisfied with a more feasible alternative?