Anthem Parkside, through the Neighborhood Parks Committee (NPC), is now offering its Adopt-A-Park program to local residents, providing an opportunity for them to make a meaningful contribution in their neighborhoods and in the Anthem community by assuming some responsibility for the tidiness and safety of their neighborhood parks. This program is generally similar to those of many US cities, and to Adopt-A-Highway programs of many states and counties throughout the US. In our program, a person, family, or group can volunteer to sponsor a nearby neighborhood park and help keep it in top shape.

Routine contract servicing and maintenance of the parks, provided by Valley Crest Landscape Company, is normally adequate, but sometimes conditions develop between service visits (litter, damage, etc), and at those times the “Park Sponsor” (or simply Sponsor) can help by tidying and by reporting unsafe and unusual conditions. The Sponsor might also choose to encourage activities in the park that would promote neighborhood appreciation of the park.

Adopt-A-Park provisions are as follows:

1) The Sponsor must reside in Anthem and preferably live within a reasonably short walking or biking distance of the adopted park.

2) A Sponsor may be an individual, a couple or a family, a small neighborhood group of friends, or a young person earning community service credits, as coordinated between the NPC and organization leaders.

3) Prospective Sponsors must apply to the NPC or to the Parkside Manager using a standard form (see below).

4) The NPC will review applications, meet applicants, and send recommendations to the Parkside Manager for final approval.

5) Sponsors are asked to check their parks frequently (at least once each week), pick up litter, tidy the ramada and play structure (remove tape and old party decorations, etc), scoop objectionable poop , and report park damages and equipment breakages and other issues to the NPC or to the Parkside Manager. Other assistances, such as sweeping sand and gravel from walkways and tot turf (a slipping hazard), are encouraged.

6) The NPC will provide primary liaison with Sponsors.

7) Sponsors are at their own risk of injury, as are all park users. 

8) Sponsors will be recognized by Parkside unless the Sponsor requests otherwise. Such recognition may be one or more of the following: 1- a Sponsor List published in AnthemParks.Info and/or in; or 2- an article including the Sponsor List appearing periodically in a local publication or newsletter. 

9) Sponsors serve for an initial, renewable, period of two (2) years; in the case of young people in community service, one (1) year may be approved. Sponsorships are terminable by Sponsors and by Anthem Parkside with 30-days notice.

Application-Park Sponsor  – this link will provide a PDF file for viewing and printing. The application is also available at the Parkside HOA office. After completing the application, return it at the Parkside HOA office OR email  or  to arrange a meeting with a NPC representative.