Park Watch

Keep an Eagle Eye on Neighborhood Parks

Author:  Parkside

The Parkside Community Association is reaching out to Parkside residents to help protect our beautiful park resources by becoming involved. We are asking park patrons and nearby residents to simply keep an eye out while at the park – your eyes and ears are a valuable crime prevention tool.

As a resident or park patron, you are in a unique position to both enjoy and protect our parks. While we do our best to keep a close watch on activities taking place in the parks, we cannot be everywhere all the time. Therefore, we are asking residents to report suspicious or illegal activity in progress to either the Sheriff’s Office (East of I-17) or the Phoenix Police Department (West of I-17), and vandalism, maintenance or other issues by calling the Parkside Community Association. Your action of reporting allows law enforcement and Parkside to be proactive in addressing concerns. A concerned community can deter crime by reporting suspicious activities. The best tool to reduce crime is a good neighbor.

The benefits for doing your part will be evident by:

  • A reduction in negative incidents
  • A reduction in repair and restoration costs for facilities and equipment
  • Increased safety for children and park patrons
  • Increased community pride

Please never put yourself or others at risk. Do not take matters into your own hands. Contact the appropriate agency so action may be taken by the authorities to address the problem.

Report all Suspicious Activities

Emergency: 911

Vandalism or graffiti in progress:  911

Vandalism or graffiti / Non-Emergency: Parkside Community Association, 623-879-3060

Suspicious Activities:
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), 602-876-1011 (East of I-17)
Phoenix Police Department, 602-262-6151 (West of I-17)