LEGACY/Adventure Improvement

LEGACY/Adventure Park

LEGACY/Adventure Park

Parkside is planning a significant improvement to this park, the largest part of which is converting the rarely used turf volleyball court into a play area with modern play equipment. The Parkside Board of Directors approved the project in its February 20, 2014 regular meeting. We thank Parkside residents, especially those in and near LEGACY neighborhood,  who wrote in and came to Board meetings with comments. This improvement is expected to be complete sometime in Spring 2014.

The play equipment, shown below, is designed primarily for children of ages 5-12 years. The layout diagram shows how the structure will fit inside the existing 31′ x 61′ volleyball court.

Many of the features included in this plan are unique in Anthem. Play structures in most other neighborhood parks are generally intended for younger children. The approved features are, in a different way, interesting and challenging, and tend to promote balance and body strength.

LEGACY is a good location for the addition of play equipment because it has none, and the nearest four parks that have any at all range from about 0.7 to 0.8 miles away, walking distance from LEGACY/Adventure Park. Both TAPESTRY and LEGACY will be well served by this addition, and other nearby neighborhoods will benefit also.

Adventure Structure

LEGACY/Adventure Proposed Play Structure (click to enlarge)


Adventure Layout

LEGACY/Adventure Proposed Layout (click to enlarge)